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Nudibranchs Remarks Function

Located at the bottom of a Species view is a section called Remarks. Only available on the Apple apps.

Here you can write/type whatever you want about a particular Species. Remarks can say where you found the Species, or what the sizes where, you can write about your thoughts and what you remember.

The Remark you write can be revised at any time.

In iPhone 5 and 6 models the Remarks section is fully visible. In iPhone 4 models Remarks is available when you swipe a Species upward with your finger.

To write a Remark you simply touch the button
(+ symbol) on the right. Where a typewriter rolls up and a blank page appears ready to type. When finished touch Done.

All Remarks remain in the apps memory even if you reboot your device. Keep in mind all Remarks will delete if you update your iPhone or iOS so it is a good idea to back up your data.

In the Species List when a Remark has been added to a species, an asterisks (*) appears at the beginning of the species name and that species name shoots up to the top of each alphabet. When the remark is deleted the asterisks (*) disappears and that species drops back into alphabetical order. This way you can see at a glance the species with Remarks.

In the Species List there is a new button at the top right, it is a Share button. By pressing that button a PDF file with all the Remarks appears. If you touch the Share button a second time it prompts you to share or save the PDF file. That is a backup function for all you Remarks!

Another new button is at the top left next to the Clear Checked Species button, this is the Clear all Remarks button. Touch this button to clear all Remarks.


You can write up to 150 characters including spaces.

Remarks is only available on the APPLE Apps.

Remarks are viewable on iPhone 4 models after you 'swipe upward' a Species with your finger.