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Nudibranch ID
Smart Device Apps to identify Nudibranchs from around the World

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What users are saying!

The late Neville Coleman wrote:

"Brilliantly designed and executed, this App. is without doubt the best Nudibranch ID eGuide available and will become the criteria that all others will be judged by. Not only does it have the greatest number of species, (700) every image is exquisite and the best available.

The functions are simply astounding and it is plain to see that the writer, author, major photographer and developer, not only has a great love of his subject, BUT also has a thorough understanding of his production and need for well thought out precision for a large range of functions and criteria.

The introductions to specific groups has been written with the reader in mind and has precise information, uncluttered by too much scientific jargon and polished with "easy to read" facts in layman's terms, yet it's scientific thoroughness is no less by any means.

I have no hesitation in recommending this App. to anybody with the slightest interest in Marine Natural History, be they Scuba diver, snorkeler, student naturalist, or reefcomber, as the most up to date, convenient and precision App. for identification of Nudibranchs and if you haven't been hooked yet, you will be. Once around the block on this App. and it will have you 'begging for more!'"

Scubatel wrote:

What a great App. I have been using it for only a short time and I am very impressed with the range of critters, the photos and especially the search functions. I love the ability to search by colours and the check list function. It has enabled me to id. critters that I could not find leafing through texts.

Sent a photo of one I could not id. to the author and he responded promptly with the id. and offered to make changes in the next update that will improve the versatility even more - talk about service!

700 species - so many to find. If only my iPhone worked under water the app. would be perfect!

Kendiving wrote:

Wow! What a fantastic app. I only play about 30 min and already love it.

Awesome... 700 species from the Indo-Pacific right into my phone! Now I don't need to find a book or search on the internet when I go on any diving trip in Asia and Australia.

It also has 3 features that I really like... One is useful search tools; I can search by colour combination, size or family... Second is the detail of each family, I can learn more about each family and behaviour... Third is I can tick which Nudibranch that I already seen. So far only 193. Still 500+ to go :-)

If you are a Nudibranch lover like me... You gotta love this App :-)