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Nudibranch ID
Smart Device Apps to identify Nudibranchs from around the World

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Nudibranchs Search Function

The Search capability of these Apps is both convenient and comprehensive.

The Search is species centric displaying a list of Species in response to the search input based upon any of Order, Family, Genus, Author, Date, Size, Color, Checked off species or even just a Species name.

When the Search view opens use the roller picker to select the function, tap the empty text box to bring up the keyboard, enter the criterion and tap Search. You will be presented with a scrollable list of species related to your input.

Search for more than one criteria at the same time and when entering more than one criterion use a comma between each of the criteria with no space. i.e. (Colors*) yellow,blue,black or (Authors) willan,gosliner.

In order to simplify searches all Authors accents have been deleted. Search is not case sensitive accept *Colors, must use lower case letters.

When searching Colors, the first color entered will be taken as the most prominent (primary) color. All species with that color as their primary color will be returned unless the search is refined by entering additional colors which will be considered minor colors.

When searching Dates, a specific year may be entered, or a broader search can be obtained by entering part of a year and using underscore for the remainder. Search a decade by using the first three numbers followed by an underscore, or search a century by using the first two numbers followed by two underscores. i.e. 17__ will return all the 1700's years. Without the underscore all years with 17 in them will be returned.

A special feature is the ability to Check off species as per the method described on the Species view. These could be species that you have found or just a list for any other purpose. A list of these species can be created by using the Species checked function on the roller picker. You will be presented with a scrollable list of these Checked species. In the Checked Species List you have the ability to delete each on by sliding your finger from left to right, clicking on the red delete button.

There are two buttons at the bottom of this view that permit you to Email the list to anyone with extra comments included or a Clear the list button that will clear all the Checks.

Even entering part of a word will return a result, but the more of the word that is entered the more specific the search return will be.

Make sure you spell colors correctly and use lower case letters! Colors are broken down into 13 choices - white, black, pink, brown, orange, red, blue, green, cream, yellow, purple, grey and silver.