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Nudibranch Families and Descriptions

The Families view contains a wealth of information that is unlikely to be found anywhere else.

The Apps present the descriptions of the Families of Opisthobranchs repersented in each App, concentrating upon the external features and behaviour easily discernable by the fieldworker and/or from photographs.

There are numbers next to Family names. These are the number of species in each App.

They are an invaluable and essential guide in directing the enthusiast towards the most likely family in the process of identification. In some instances however external features alone are not sufficient to differentiate between families and examination by taxonomists of internal characters such as the radula, the digestive and reproductive systems are necessary.

Navigation on the Families view is similar to the Species view with the presentation of a scrollable alphabetical list of Families and by tapping upon a Family the description of that Family will be displayed.

To view all the species within a Family touch the 'Search' button to present the List of species in that Family.