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Nudibranch Species

The Species view presents an index as a scrollable display of hundreds of Nudibranch species in alphabetical order. 6/8 species are displayed at a time on the screen each having a thumbnail photo and name. Apart from seamless scrolling through the species list there is an alphabetical index down the right-hand side permitting faster navigation.

By tapping on a species line a new view is displayed providing information about the selected species including a large color photo (that illustrates the significant features of that species), Author/Date, Order, Family, maximum adult Size, Colors and Remarks.

Turn the device side ways and a larger photo is presented!

The first color listed is the predominant color of the species and the following colors are in order of prominence. This major and minor color listing assists in conducting a Search when using colors as a criterion.

At the top of each Species view there are "Previous" and "Next" buttons to facilitate ease of navigation among species of the same Genus or just for browsing without having to go back to the list. You can also swipe across with your finger left or right to see the next species

A special feature is the ability to Check off species which may be your own finds or for some other purpose. By tapping upon the yellow Species Name or the tick itself a check mark appears in the top left-hand corner. It may be unchecked by tapping again. A list of checked species may be created using the Checked Species search function on the Search view. All of the Checked Species may be cleared by clicking on the Clear Checked List icon at the top left-hand side of the Species Index view or on the Search view. In the Checked Species List you have the ability to delete each on by sliding your finger from left to right, clicking on the red delete buttom.

You can email your Checked List from the Search view (right). The list arrives at your chosen email address with the alphabetical list and any other information you wish to add regarding the list.


>>> If you keep a list of Species that you have checked and want to keep, back it up by emailing the list to yourself on a regular basis.

>>> If the App does not perform the way it should simply delete the icon on your Smart Phone and re-install it.