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Nudibranch ID App Description

These field guides will place right at your fingertips, anytime and anywhere,
an outstanding selection of Nudibranch found throughout the World. No web connection needed! All apps are updated when new information is known.

The Series is available, 7 apps representing the whole world - on your device.


Central Indo-Pacific
Eastern Pacific
Australia and New Zealand

Eastern Atlantic/Mediterranean Sea
Western Atlantic

Indian Ocean/Red Sea
Western Pacific

Regions Map

>>> No web connection required!

ANDROID versions of all the Nudibranch ID App are available NOW!!

Enjoy almost all the same great features as on the Apple versions.

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Nudibranch Facts - Information about Nudibranchs, what they are and what makes them so interesting and unique in the underwater world.

Species - An alphabetical listing of species of Nudibranch to be found from each Region in a scrollable index that provides access to individual species views containing a large photo and information about the selected species.

Families - Descriptions of the Families represented in the Apps providing external morphology information that allows comparison and contrast between the Families.

Images - The Images Gallery is a scrollable screen of Nudibranch thumbnails. They are presented 4 across the screen providing 24/36 "at a glance" images.

Search - Full seach ability. Seach for information from the Species views. Use whole or parts of text.


>>> Checked Species List will clear when Updates are downloaded!

>>> If you keep a list of Species that you have checked and want to keep, back it up by emailing the list to yourself on a regular basis.

>>> If the App does not perform the way it should simply delete the icon on your device and re-install it.